The best footwear for heavy runners

Do you have any acquaintance who does not stop putting on social networks, every last detail of their training and the brands they have used in their last 20 races? Well, although we could say that your friend is a “heavy runner”, in this article we are not going to refer to that type of runner.

Let’s talk about running shoes for high body weight runners. Running is an excellent sport, has lifted many people from the couch that did not move for two days, but we must recognize one thing: it does not get along very well with the knees and ankles.

When the running technique is correct, that is, when running well, body weight does not play an important role and we can run almost with anything on the feet. But if you are starting to run and you have not yet acquired an adequate shape in the tread and body posture, weight can magnify discomfort that with a medium weight would be slight or would not come to light.

Thus, we understand by heavy runner who is overweight or obese. Sometimes it’s hard to recognize, but for that there are some tables that tell you. In the end it is about making a relationship between what the joints can support in each impact and the total weight. A rough estimate can be made by taking the BMI (body mass index). If it is above a value of 27-28, you will surely enter this category.

It is always going to be important to strengthen the whole body, work on the career technique and stretch properly, but if you are in this situation, it will be vital because you will be prone to suffer more difficulties.

On the other hand, if we are talking about a more serious obesity, maybe running is not the best sport to start and it is more appropriate to cycle, elliptical and strengthen in the gym while supervising is done with a nutritionist.

For those who are in the transition to a correct career technique, cushioned shoes will be the best option. In addition, they will have to be very stable shoes, since overweight usually cause pronation in the tread, so a little support to correct this pronation will be necessary if it causes discomfort.

Let’s see some shoes that can work well in these cases:

Asics Gel Nimbus 20

The Nimbus is the queen of running shoes, on of the best-selling models in the entire market.

It is a neutral shoe, with a lot of cushioning and a soft touch on the tread. It is very comfortable, stable and perfect for the medium-high runner looking for a shoe for any type of training up to a pace of 4:00/km.

It is a top-of-the-range shoe of outstanding quality. Can be used with insoles without problems.

Mizuno Wave Sky 2

Mizuno Wave Sky 2 is intended for high-weight runners, up to more than 100 kilos in the case of men and above 90 kilos in women. Even so, runners of 80 kilos can use it and enjoy it without any problem.

Mizuno uses the most advanced technologies in the Enigma, such as the U4iCX compound in the midsole to provide extra cushioning but maintain a pleasant feel in the tread.

It is possibly the best option for those who have a weight well above average and want to protect themselves in each impact.

adidas Ultra Boost 4.0

adidas Ultra Boost

Launched in early 2015 as “the best shoe in the world”, the truth is that the Ultra Boost has ended up being a shoe of a very high quality.

It is very comfortable, has a lot of cushioning (100% Boost in the midsole) and at the same time it is also fast, so those high weight runners who have been running for a while and want some spark, can use the Ultra Boost as a sneaker to train with every day.

Nike Air Zoom Vomero 13

Vomero is the Nike option for high weight runners. It is neutral, very cushioned and also light since this year’s version.

It is perfect for running in and slow workouts but also to use it at 4:20-4:30/km. With the incorporation of the “Lunarlon” in the midsole, it no longer has the soft touch that it had in the previous versions, but the cushioning is still there.

Also ideal for runners who use insoles.

Saucony Triumph ISO 4

The Triumph ISO 2  is the top of the range neutral from Saucony. In the second version with ISOfit on the upper, Saucony has introduced the new material EVERUN in the midsole, a compound very similar to Adidas Boost.

The result is spectacular. A shoe that was almost perfect in the first version, is now one of the best in its segment.

It is ideal for runners up to 100 kilos and runners up to 85-90 kilos. Those who weigh more than 75 and 60, respectively, can use it for training of all kinds above 4:15 / km.

Asics Gel Kayano 25

Kayano 25 is the first sister of the Nimbus, that is, the top of the range but for pronators, since it has support in the arch for when it is necessary to correct the rotation of the ankle.

It is also one of the most popular and sold shoes on the market, with a tremendous quality and with more than 20 versions behind it.

It works very well as a training shoe for runners over 75 kilos who want a soft touch on the tread and high durability.

  • Asics Gel Kayano 25 for men
  • Asics Gel Kayano 25 for women

Mizuno Wave Paradox 5

Wave Paradox is the version for pronators of the Enigma 5, that is to say, a lot of cushioning and a very high quality of materials.

It can be used by runners who pronate in the tread and need to correct it, above 70-75 kilos and for a pace of 4:30/km at the most.

It is a very comfortable shoe and very stable too.

New Balance 860 v8

We finish with the 1260 v6, a shoe which is also for heavier weight pronators with a very good quality.

It is ideal for runners over 70 kilos but up to only 90 kilos (from 55 to 80 kilos in the case of women).

Those high-weight runners who want a faster model, always keeping in mind that it is a training shoe, can resort to the 1260 v5.

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