How long do running shoes last?

One of the most common doubts of the runners is … how often do I have to update my running shoes? There is no fixed and concrete answer and whoever gives you a value is misleading you, since it depends on several factors, but you can always make an approximation according to your characteristics and the type of shoe.

The first value that we all always hear is: “for training shoes, around 800 kilometers (or 500 miles)”, but then we have a brother-in-law who has been wearing the same shoes for 3 years and has done 3000 kilometers (at least …). Let’s take a look at the factors that affect:

The sole

The sole is one of the parts of the shoe that first wears out, since it is in constant contact with the ground and is what makes us pull forward at each step. Nowadays we do not have as many problems with the sole as we had a few years ago, as the materials have improved and the sole is not “eaten” so fast, but you always have to take it into account, because if it wears out quickly, that shoe will be need to be replaced.

The upper

When a shoe is broken it is usually the upper, because it is broken or because we bought them very tight and there has been a hot spot during the training that has caused it to end up giving way. Normally it is usually due to the carelessness of the buyer, rather than the characteristics of the shoes, although it is also true that some of them come out defective and are usually broken earlier due to factory problems. If this happens with less than 200 kilometers, it is best to get in touch with the store where you bought them.

The cushioning

When it is not the sole or the upper part that breaks, it is usually the cushioning that determines the useful life of a shoe, not because it is broken, but because it loses its faculties and the shoe stops being efficient. At first glance the shoe will remain the same (well, a little dirty from the workouts), but inside it will be worn out. That’s why some shoes can last 3000 kilometers, yes, but beware, because it’s not the shoe you bought, it’s something else.

Since wear is not seen, it is here that an estimate is made of what a shoe can last depending on the type. A light competition shoe having little cushioning can last from 300 to 500 kilometers (up to 300 miles). A training shoe 800 to 1000 kilometers (up to 600 miles), and a trail running shoe a little more, but usually the sole or upper wear out.

You, the runner

Not only is the shoe what determines the useful life, you are too. How you step, how much you weigh, your degree of pronation, what you take care of … Everything counts. A runner of 100 kilos will wear the same shoes with all other factors equal before one of 80 kilos. Pure physics. So, giving an exact value of duration is risky when there are so many factors at stake.


  • Look at the sole of the shoe. If it is visibly damaged, it is time to change them.
  • If you have around 900 kilometers (or 550 miles) with the same pair of trainers, you may need a renewal. If they are lightweight shoes, better not to exceed 600 kilometers (370 miles).
  • You can continue using the shoes if you do not have another option, but be aware of the risk that can be, since it is not the same shoe you bought. Can you continue when you have done 1500 kilometers (900 miles)? Yes, but be very careful, it is not advisable.

And you, how often do you change your shoes? Remember that here at Runnics we are always ready to help you with that 🙂 

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