Shoes to start running

When you consider starting to run, the first thing you should do is determine what your starting point is at the level of fitness and establish what your goals are at a high level (sports health, training for competition? long?) From then on, we can start to build the “castle”: learn to run (technique, strengthening, mobility …), define the training plan …, and of course, equip properly (sports, clothing, accessories …) At this point the shoes to start running will be key.

When looking for the material, the biggest headache is usually the sports and the truth is that sometimes it is something that can put us off because of the great supply that there is currently and because a bad decision can have consequences in the form of overloads, injuries …, which could ruin our goal of starting to run or, at least, make our beginnings a little more difficult, making our enjoyment difficult

The uncertainty of “what running shoes do I buy?” and “Will these shoes work well?” You will always have, whether you are beginners or experts (yes, even expert runners make mistakes when I choosing their shoes). So, it is important that from the beginning you listen to your body, you detect that it is going well and that with that you are learning to look for what works best for you. Shoes can be recommended but, in the end, what counts is what is good for each individual.

To make it easier for you to choose your first teammates of runner’s fatigues we provide you with a list of suggestions with models that we think could be useful enough to start you in the running world. The list we have made prioritize good price / quality ratio and it is thought to cover a wide range of use profiles since, in general, when you start running you will have a few shoes for everything (train, compete if the case, gym or other activities).

Before starting with the suggestions, a final note: do not think that because of the fact that they are shoes to start running, it is worth putting on just anything “because I do a few kilometers and I go slowly“. Whether for 2-3 days a week with sessions of less than 10 kilometers or to run seven days a week reaching 150 kilometers per week, it is worth investing (time and money) in making an appropriate choice of shoes. Your feet, legs and body in general will thank you, I assure you. It is not about choosing the most expensive or “the best…” of anything but choosing those that best suits our characteristics and what we are going to do with them.

Shoes suggestions to start running

Shoes for Asphalt

For someone who starts running and walks with doubts, I often end up resorting to the Nike Pegasus because, besides being one of the most versatile training shoes there are, you can find them at quite competitive prices because, as it is a model that It sells a lot and has multiple versions and colors, often make good deals often. The current version is the Nike Pegasus 35 but, for your first shoes, practically any version above the Nike Pegasus 31 or 32 can be used almost indistinctly.

Another quite reliable option is to go to the Response by Adidas or to one of the equivalent models within the brand such as Adidas Vengeful which also offer a little support against pronation. The last ones to join the family have been the Adidas Response Plus, extremely comfortable, soft and cushioned. Inside the house of the three strips, the Adidas Duramo also enjoy very good reception, especially for those who also have good times in the gym.


At Mizuno they have a good pair of shoes to start with, the Mizuno Wave Legend if you are neutral and the Mizuno Wave Connect if you need a little support. They give much game both, you can run a lot and even fast with them and probably get juicy prices because they replace them in autumn – winter for two new models.

Following in this line that we carry, with shoes that would also serve perfectly for experienced runners but that, given its price we must take into account if we are starting (there is nothing better than to start on the right foot, with good shoes), you have three models that, year after year they compete for the “sneakers with the best quality / price ratio” award. We talk about the Asics Gel PulseSaucony Jazz and Brooks Aduro, able to stand up to their older sisters (in fact, the Aduro are like “a Ghost of previous seasons“). By the way, the Pulse 8 have a waterproof membrane (Asics Gel Pulse 8 GTX).

If you still want to speed up the price a little more without losing too many benefits, the Saucony Cohesion are classic, as well as the Asics Gel Zaraca that thanks to its flexibility, breathability and lightness like those who run, go to the gym and do a little of everything.

You could not miss the suggestions within New Balance and here we would highlight the New Balance Vazee Coast that were the “first economic Vazee” and the New Balance Vazee Urge, both to go quickly if you want or you could also opt for the New Balance 590. All with some cool designs, it must be said.

If you like cushioned and responsive shoes, look at Puma because, since they introduced the Ignite, they have improved their shoes a lot. For me to highlight some, right now I would go for the Puma Ignite Dual, very comfortable, flexible, light and versatile

Also, do not forget to check the Reebok catalog because not everything is fitness shoes and, if you do not believe me, look at the Reebok One Distance. I assure you that you can run a lot and very long with them (they surprised me a lot when I met them).

In a list like this one could not miss the reference to Joma, possibly the running brand with more contained prices and hardly beatable. All of their models have much lower starting prices than the competition so, at a low price, they can cost you a third or less than what top-of-the-range training shoes are worth. Joma Hispalis and Joma Carrera are two classic but I recommend that you take a look at the Joma Storm Viper because they have been a good leap forward for the brand.

Shoes for Trail Running

Do not think that because you like going off the pavement you will have to spend a fortune on your first shoes because almost all brands have sound models at contained prices. In fact, they are increasingly taking care of this segment of shoes because they are aware that many people start running on the mountain instead of on the asphalt.

The Adidas Kanadia are a classic and in the eighth version have taken a great leap that positions them as the best Kanadia to date. Do not be surprised if you see them at the feet of some runner race head because many use them to compete so look if they go well.

The Mizuno Wave Kien have surprised many and have a very high level since the first version, which are improving edition after edition. It is in a normal version and with a Goretex waterproof membrane and few are the negative comments I have heard from them (to say nothing). Very good as “door to trail” shoes.

The Saucony Excursion would be the equivalent to the Cohesion in trail running and it would not be the first time I know someone who has both shoes because, unlucky you have, so it would cost you a high-end asphalt or trail running, You can have both shoes (Excursion + Cohesion).

In this part about trail running, one could not miss some Asics that with the Asics Sonoma strong bid to fit those who are starting in running or trail running. Also available in waterproof version.

A nod to the New Balance 690 because, many pass them unnoticed that they have an upper that could almost pass for asphalt.

Finally, we close with Joma where, as in asphalt, they play strongly with the price variable without this implying giving up quality shoes. At least, that’s what many of the users of the Joma Olimpo or the Joma Sierra think when they put the good one on and see that the shoes can stand up like nothing.

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