The Best Running Shoes for Women (Neutrals and Pronators)

How difficult can some seemingly simple questions like “What are the best running shoes for a woman?”.

I’ve lost count of the times we’ve been asked and possibly half the time the question has been, just like that, without giving us more information about the girl in question or how those shoes were going to be worn. Moreover, a very high percentage of the time were not even the women themselves asking for shoes for them but it was a friend, boyfriend, husband…, seeking advice for a gift for them so even more difficult to answer.

Leaving these anecdotes aside, the truth is that it is a question that I love to receive and try to answer because, fortunately, more and more women are fond of sports in general and running in particular and thanks to that, brands have been encouraged to launch models of sneakers specifically designed for women.

That is to say, they are no longer limited to changing their color, but rather adapt the shoe to the specific characteristics of the female genre, which tend to use slightly narrower shoes in the rearfoot and somewhat wider in the front area (to give respite to the bunions), offer a little more support in the arch (alas, those arches artificially formed by high-heeled shoes), can have a little more drop (to alleviate the back area a bit, weakened by the use of heels…). Not all models are adapted, in part, because it is not necessary to be as specific as many shoes are very versatile and cover many different profiles of use but it is true that it is increasingly easy to find models with small details that the women especially tend to appreciate.

As you can imagine, trying to make a list with “the best shoes for women” is an impossible task because it depends on which woman (weight, height, morphology …), what are you going to use them for (running through the mountains, running through asphalt, roll quiet, prepare competitions, compete in short tests), etc. So, what we have decided to do is include in this article the ones we have seen that tend to work well among the women and we have grouped them a little into blocks so that you can take it as a starting point and have a list of possible candidates.

From there, if you want to go deeper, you can consult the detailed information in product sheets of each one of the running shoes for women we have available at Runnics. Anyway here you have a selection that could help you.

The Best Running Shoes for Women

Neutral Training Sneakers

The Asics Gel Cumulus 19 seldom fail when some girl asks for a neutral training shoes because they are very comfortable, with enough cushioning, materials and finishing touches, suitable for insoles… If you want some shoes to accumulate kilometers and do not need support, they are a practically safe shot. Curiously, among the women they succeed more than their theoretically older sisters, the Asics Gel Nimbus 19.


Asics Gel Cumulus 19 Mujer azul/rosa


In second place, I would place the Supernova Glide 9 that goes along the same lines in terms of the profile of use and that in this latest version is even softer thanks to the increase in Boost. They are especially liked by those that need breadth in the area of the bunions since Adidas has worked to make them especially wide and elastic.

Adidas Supernova Glide 9 Mujer purpura/rojo


To close the podium but not in third place as the three could be interchangeable, another that does not fall short in the cushioning and is somewhat more agile than the previous two: Brooks Ghost 10. Not that they are particularly fast but that they are clearly more agile without this implying having to give up a good amount of cushioning and wearing shoes with a lot of packaging. They are one of my favorites and I think that until now they have never failed me when I have recommended them.

If you want to accelerate a little more but still in the segment of running shoes and with some cushioning, surely the Saucony Ride 10 you like a lot and we started to get into very light shoes, that is also very much appreciated.

However, if it is already a matter of needing the stronger training shoes, which allow you to run fast and that go great to put them little change in pace, series and even track, look at the Mizuno Rider 20 or the Nike Pegasus 34 because, even when training, they run much more than people think and hold at rates below 4’/ km if necessary. Two very good options if you are preparing for competitions or if you train for triathlon and do not want to have many models of shoes to train.

Mizuno Wave Rider 20 Mujer multicolor

And, as a proposal that leaves behind some of the classic brands or those that first tend to come to mind, have you thought about the Hoka One Clayton 2? If no, then take a look because they surely surprise you, especially if you like to run lightly with assiduity. Do not think that being a Hoka One are maximalists because they have measures that any other “traditional” shoe could have and with that curved sole allow a very homogeneous and continuous tread dynamics.

Training Shoes with Support

If you are one of those who need some support, I think my first option falls again at Asics’ house and, curiously, it happens as with the neutral ones because I’ve seen that in women the “medium sister”, the Asics GT-2000 5 usually works better, that the Asics Gel Kayano 24 maybe has too much upper (something that men seem to prefer). They are valid for practically any weight, the support is quite progressive, they already have cushioning to spare, they are not heavy, they have a contained price … Safe value and that does not usually fail.

Asics GT 2000 5 Mujer azul/coral

In the second place I “award” the Saucony Guide 10 ahead of the Adidas Supernova ST that were the ones that he used to put almost always because the leap of quality that they have given in the last versions has made him go up many integers and maybe the Adidas they have gone from rolling machines and it lacks a bit of agility.

For the third place I want to break a spear in favor of some not very well known, even less among the women, Brooks Ravenna 8 that are clearly undervalued and are almost always overlooked when the reality is that they are shoes that give a lot of play and that, after settling down clearly as training shoes, they still allow you to go lightly if necessary. Also, now they are not as fetal as before, so pay attention to me and look at them because they probably will not disappoint you.

If you like to feel a little firmer and you want strength in abundance, especially in the back area and in the Collar, inspire yourself with the Mizuno Wave Inspire 13. Do not be fooled by the feeling of the first roadway because they soften a little.

Fast shoes (Mixed and flying)

Oh, you like to step on the accelerator, well, well, you will be able to enjoy with all kinds of cars and “displacement” in almost all brands. Look, if not, to the couple of Adizero Boston 6 and Adizero Adios Boost 3, the first ones mixed and the second ones flying. If you are not going to clearly get into paces below 4’/ km, do many short series or compete in 10K or less, go for the Adizero Boston 6, which will be tremendously versatile thanks to its great balance between cushioning and answer.

Something analogous with the new couple that Mizuno’s Mizuno Wave Shadow and the Mizuno Wave Sonic, have taken out of the hat, so cool that it almost costs to choose. When in doubt, go for the mixed (Mizuno Wave Shadow) but, if you have a good technique or if you do the triathlon, the chosen one changes and I go for the Mizuno Wave Sonic.

To close the short list of couples, we call the New Balance and here I am left with two mixed, the New Balance 1500v3 and the New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v3. Do not ask me to choose for you because I cannot, I love both and it’s a personal preference. The 1500 v3 may be a little more agile and fast and, with the new sole, you’ll quickly like that it gives pleasure for land but if you value the comfort, you will fall in love with the Fresh Foam Zante v3 because they are almost perfect.

New Balance 1500 V3 Mujer amarillo/verde


This time Asics has been out of the podium but, with their pair of candidates are on the lookout and, as the former are neglected, either the Asics Gel DS Trainer 22 or the Asics Noosa FF sneak onto the podium in a heartbeat. The first is something more classic in its concept and a little harder than the Noosa FF, which have been passed to the FlyteFoam and that continue to delight the triathletes, not only by design and colors, but by the upper soft and breathable, silicone on the pull of the tongue, etc.

Asics Gel DS Trainer 22 Mujer morado

And, the addition, for you to notice things not so usual a priori, the Skechers GOrun 5 that have evolved a lot in this fifth version, especially in the sole, keeping all the good things of the upper, lightness and touch of damping of their predecessors. Although, given the versatility of the Skechers GOmeb Speed 4, in this case I lean towards the side of the flying.

Shoes for Trail Running

To go out on the mountain to do trail running, a New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro v2 should not disappoint you unless you are the ones to get into tarmac, court and similar continuously in which case I would go for a Brooks Cascadia 12.

Thinking about that versatility (not all of you can have three or four pairs of shoes to choose from depending on the terrain and distance), the classic Asics Fuji Trabuco 5 I like it a lot, The Sportiva Akasha are very good if you want something more light, agile and with less drop and eye to the unknown Nike Wildhorse 4 because whoever tries, is happy.

And, if you like to get into fatty, muddy and similar areas, direct for some Salomon Speedcross 4, shoes that are sold as slippers and you have surely seen worn by many companions.

I hope that our list will help you and encourage any women to put their shoes on and go running!

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