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Quite often we have been asked about “The Best Footwear for Walking” so we have developed (and updated) this article in which we give you a set of basic guidelines that we think you should take into account when choosing your walking shoes and in which, as we always do, we also give you a set of suggestions of specific families or models so you can go straight to the point if you want.

Keys to finding the best shoes for walking or walking about

In principle, the choice of walking shoes is much easier than when we are looking for them to run and, oddly enough, it is reduced to applying a single and simple rule: choose a shoe that you are comfortable in when you put them on and take a few steps with them, final point. No matter the type of tread for which it is intended (pronators or neutrals), it does not matter if it is for runners with more or less weight, if they are more or less light …, no matter what kind of shoe and most of the “moderately decent” running shoes (from medium ranges up) are perfect candidates for walking.

By the way, you do not need to look specifically for “walking” models that usually bear “Walk” in the name or that the brands are supposed to have developed specifically for walking because, strange as it may seem, they are usually coarser, lower quality and less flexible than running models. Therefore, as a first filtering, focus on sports for running.

Some like softer ones while others prefer firm ones, some people want them very flexible and those looking for them to be somewhat stiffer, some opt for wide and baggy shape and others opt for sock-type uppers, girded at the foot … All options are equally good or bad because it depends on personal preferences. Yes, it is true that there are characteristics that we tend to favor in a rather generalized way such as the fact that they are very breathable but for everything else, let what you like guide you.

Obviously, yes you will have to do a little filtering because it is not the same to go for a walk going around the block on the sidewalk and doing a couple of kilometers walking in the mountains for five or six hours, walking through land. But, outside of that type of restriction, always choose by feeling. I’m not saying we can take the first one that we try on, but, even at the risk of being heavy, choose by feeling. (Okay, I won’t say it any more times in the whole article).

This “freedom” has the advantage that the range of options is practically infinite but also makes advising a little difficult because, due to all those personal and non-transferable preferences of each individual, it is sometimes difficult to recommend but we hope that with this article you have a good guide to help you.

When someone looks for walking shoes, the option to go for is very cushioned shoes which usually gives good results and many times it is correct so, as a first reference, you can take the list of shoes that we elaborated in the article The Best Training Shoes for Heavy Runners. As I said before, it does not matter what weight you are and, even if you are a featherweight, you will surely like walking on clouds. If you do not believe me, try putting on some Asics Gel Nimbus 19Nike Vomero 12Brooks Glycerin 15, 1080 v7…

If you like to walk on clouds, the Adidas Boost should be one of your options because it allows you to wear very soft shoes, with a lot of travel and with midsoles that last millions of kilometers. The ultimate in comfort is what you will find in the Adidas Ultra Boost.

However, keep an eye on Supernova Glide 9 because they have increased their Boost quantity and last a little longer or, if you want to build up the price-quality ratio a bit, one of the Response range may surprise you very pleasantly.

If in addition to soft you like flexible, for sure with Skechers you find interesting things, but if I have to go for some, I vote for the Skechers GOrun 5.

Following the theme of flexibility, you could not overlook some Nike Free, one of the highest expressions of walking shoes and that, once you get them on, you do not even take them off to go to sleep. Since a few months ago the numbering of the names of these shoes has disappeared and it seems that they all tend to the Flyknit upper type with which they are even more comfortable than ever but, come on, with my personal choice I would go for some Free RN, with the Nike Free RN Flyknit 2017 first.

Although, the truth is that the Nike Free RN Flyknit Motion and its frikadilla velcro and a bit of shank has captivated me.

Halfway between the two worlds we have just seen (cushioning and flexibility) and achieving the squaring of the circle with an affordable price, the everlasting Asics Gel Zaraca, which has a legion of followers because it has practically everything.

At this point, you can also take a look at almost any of those that we suggested in the article of The Best Sneakers to combine Running, Gym and Fitness because most of them are great for walking. In fact, some have also been included in this article although, to include some that we have not already mentioned, now we vote for the Under Armour SpeedForm Fortis.

To finish with the review, ones that I often recommend and that some of them cause strangeness: flying. They are usually light, short, flat, flexible, with breathable uppers … They have everything you can ask for walking shoes to taste! So, take a look at the competition shoes or mixed-use shoes because you can surely find things to walk the sea of comfort.

And as a corollary, for those who usually walk in areas prone to rain, do not forget the article we dedicate to The Best Shoes for Running in Wet where you have a wide representation of asphalt shoes with water-repellent uppers as those wear the Nike “Shield”

… or waterproof membrane like some of the GTX de Asics (e.g. Asics Gel Cumulus 18 GTX).

Are you going to walk for a while with any of the shoes in this article? Or can you suggest some that you liked and that we missed?

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