How to run well: the posture

The shoes are the most important part of the equipment for running, but it is useless to look at the type of tread we have or our weight if we do not run efficiently, with a good running technique.

A bad posture while we are running is perhaps the determining factor when it comes to injury, so we had better take care of it and be aware of it. As we are more tired during a training or a run we tend to neglect it, but if we find a good base when we are not yet tired, let’s make sure that we do not relax it too much.

In this video from you can see a good summary of what we have to try to do while we run.

At the beginning it will be complicated to be aware of everything but fixing ourselves a bit each day that we go out will make it stay ingrained. A good summary can be:

1.- Head:look to the front, to the horizon. Never to the sky or, what is more common, to the ground, which usually happens when we are tired. In this way we will keep the trunk straight.

2.-Trunk: vertical or slightly inclined forward. The best example of this practice can be seen in the Spanish middle-distance athlete Isabel Macías.

3.-Arms: we should try to have a gentle swing, keeping them flexed at an approximate 90º angle. It is not necessary to have them loose or in tension because a slight arm stroke will help us to have smoother running. It is not decisive at slow paces, but if we want to go fast in races it will be very important.

4.-Hands: Having them fully open or with a closed fist causes unnecessary energy expenditure. The most natural thing is to have them half-closed, as if we had an egg inside each one (yes, it gives rise to the obvious joke).

5.- Shoulders: you have to avoid uploading them, which many runners do when they do not look straight ahead. Keeping them relaxed and tension-free results in less energy expenditure and lighter running.

6.- Elbows: you have to try to have them stuck to the body but taking into account the arm movement you have to use. Having them open is not natural (although you can see a track athlete abusing it to avoid being overtaken).

7.- Stride: It is one of the most important aspects to control. To try to reach an efficient running technique you have to try that, when the left leg is standing in front, the right arm does the same (and vice versa). Many will already have this naturally, but if it does not for you (and the best way to know is by telling someone to look at it or recording it), it is important to start doing it by going very slowly and adopting it with more and more pace.

In addition, you have to try to land with the middle or front of the foot, which most runners do not do, thus avoiding knee injuries, although you have to have stronger calves. It is not recommended to change from overnight because if you do not notice a slight overload in the soleus but doing it for 5 minutes on the first day and increasing a little each time you will be able to make the transition without problems.

If you need more inspiration you can find a lot of videos online of professional athletes. Spend some time just to watch them and they will give you for sure tips for improvement.


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