7 Simple Reasons to Start Running Today

One of the things you can do to achieve a healthier body and positive aura is to spend time running or jogging. This cardiovascular activity turns into a regular workout if you are willing to do so. If running becomes your regular workout activity, it can also lead to joining marathons and other outdoor activities like hiking.

Still not convince that running will be good for your health and outlook in life? Listed below are the reasons why you should start running today and continue it in the future:

Running allows you to eat more.

Do you love eating most of the time?

If yes, then there is no excuse not to eat because running, especially the intense training, will help you lose the fat and weight you have gained from eating them. When you decide to join a marathon, this kind of food may fuel your body in order to attain the distance desired in the marathon. Our body needs food, nourishing each body part. So, don’t be afraid to eat next time.

Running helps in gaining new friends.

When running, there is a big possibility that you may encounter new set of people especially when you take a break on a certain place and there are others as well in the area. Or, you can join online communities which are dedicated for people who love to run. You have another option of meeting new people when you decided to start running.

Running is good for your cardiovascular system.

Running is a great way to improve the heart and lung function. It also lowers cholesterol, triglycerides and lipids, helping the body to become more insulin sensitive. Study shows that running may also prevent learned helplessness/behavioral depression.

Running increases self-esteem.

Seeing the outside and observing the nature when running helps in improving one’s self-esteem. Nature helps in clearing our minds and taking away the stress. When running try to choose the area where you can appreciate the beauty of your place. Running is also a great way of exploring the area where you already live or discover new and beautiful places.

Running improve one’s appetite.

If you are suffering from a poor appetite, running will help you in improving your appetite. The longer distance you run, it will be the start to eating more to fuel your body. If you develop the habit of running you will be ensuring that you are eating well.

Running develops a good sleeping pattern.

When you run, you know you’ll sleep well. Your body is tired in a good way. One could say “freshly tired”. Sleeping comes much easier when you maintain this running habit. An adequate sleep can be achieved by getting fit, proper diet and good exercise.

Running increases the stamina.

Regular running enhances your stamina, making your workouts more enjoyable and productive. Developing your aerobic capability can be useful in any type of training including strength or resistance.

Running is considered one of the simplest and most effective forms of exercise, getting fit more achievable. If you want to improve your overall health, then choose running as a means of getting healthy. Don’t make any excuses, start running today to lose weight and get fit.

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