The 5 most common mistakes of the beginner runner

Do you want to start running? If so, this article will interest you, your muscles and joints will thank you. Not drinking water while running, stepping on the heel or obsessing with the distance traveled are the main mistakes made by beginner runners. Avoid these “sins” of running and go running!

Error 1- Always running at the same pace or by feelings if the goal is to improve (Uniform and limited Intensity / pace):

When it comes to running to improve our performance, above all, it is very important that we know how to separate the different paces (speed at which we run), according to the training phase which we are in. Many runners usually commit a serious and typical error that limits them: running always at the same pace or “by feelings”. This should not always be the case, since we must educate our body, provoking the intensities ourselves.


Error 2 – Not drinking water:

It is very important to drink every time to avoid being thirsty, because this sensation is an indicator of dehydration, which can over saturate the body with fluid, which can cause flatus, discomfort or heaviness. The ideal is to drink every 15′ or 20′, depending on the ambient temperature. One study concluded that dehydrated athletes are significantly slower over longer distances.

Error 3 – Obsessing about the distance associated with improvement:

More is not better. Surely it is not the first time we have heard that, but many runners tend to feel more satisfied at greater distance traveled in training believing that, that way they will improve more. It is very important that we have a structured planning that prioritizes the improvement and objectives with the appropriate loads and paces. Having doing more and more miles as an indirect objective will stall you sooner or later. Another thing is that we run to feel good without any specific goal, in that case, it is irrelevant the number of miles traveled, as long as we do not injure ourselves.

Error 4 – The direct heel tread:

Although there is more and more awareness that you have to run from the metatarsus forward (center of the foot), there are still many runners who keep running attacking the ground with the heel, something very dangerous and injurious to your knees.

Error 5 – Running faster to burn more fat is an urban legend:

If your goal is to lose weight through running, the best thing you can do is run a lot of time at low intensity, this way you will be able to activate your reserve energy (lipids) and burn fat faster. It is advisable to drink water to speed up the process and avoid dehydration.

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