We all know that, although at first sight running seems like an easy and suitable sport for all audiences, the truth is that injuries in running are more common than usual. How can we prevent them?

1. Good equipment

The choice of suitable shoes is essential when it comes to preventing any type of injury in sports practice and, especially, when running. The shoes must be designed for this activity, so that they adapt to our needs and tread.

2. Warm-up

To prevent the body from suffering, we must prepare it before starting to run. Therefore, it is important to perform warm-up exercises, based on joint mobility and gentle stretching of the muscles that we use when running, which is practically the whole body. The ideal is to make a series of 50 meters in which you walk:
  • On tiptoe
  • On heel
  • On the instep
  • On the heel-gluteus
  • In running lifting knees or low skipping
  • In running lifting knees or medium skipping
  • In running lifting knees or high skipping

3. Running technique

The ideal is for a professional to teach us the basic techniques of running, because the more the technique is mastered, the more control we have over our movements and body and fewer injuries occur. Start with this article with 4 fundamental exercises to improve your running posture.

4. Sports practice time

At the beginning, we must not exceed 30 minutes of exercise, but if our goal is to make a long session, of more than 60 minutes, we must prepare the body for the first 20 minutes. In these first minutes, we should use a tread at a gentle pace to warm up our muscles and increase hyperemia (increase in blood).

5. Visiting professionals

Passing through the hands of a professional in all phases of sports practice is as or more important than any advice cited above. Depending on the amount of exercise we perform, both in activity and intensity, it is essential to visit a massage therapist or physiotherapist, every 15 days, to receive recovery treatments in the legs and back.

6. Stretch after the activity

A frequent mistake is not to stretch after practicing sports, which is just the moment when there is more blood accumulated in the musculature. To avoid fibrillar tears, it is advisable to wait an hour or even two after the shower to perform the stretches, since at that time the muscles have already reduced the blood level after sports. If we follow these 6 tips, we will be ready for running and avoid any kind of discomfort, consequently increasing our physical capacity and improving in this sport. In that way injuries do not hinder our goals and achievements!

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