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Today we are going to discuss a classic theme, a training plan to start running. This plan is basically addressed to sedentary people, who do not practice any physical activity but have decided to start treating their body and health as it deserves. So we will not take into account those who football three times a week with friends and have begun participating in popular races, because the main objective of this post is to run for 30 minutes in one session. The starting point for a sedentary person can vary a lot, especially depending on their genetics and sporting past. The body has memory, so those who have done sports until they are 18 years old, even if they left it for a while and have put on a few extra pounds, will have it much easier than those who have never done anything sports related. Genetics also plays a very important role. There will be people who, even without doing anything in their lives, will be able to run 30 minutes at a time on their first attempt and at a good pace, but they are the exception.

Fundamental tips before you start running

  • Don’t stop trying. The beginning is hard if you are not used to it, but the good thing is that the progression is quite fast and in just one month you will notice the results. The stiffness is a thing in the first week, it will not always be there.
  • Don’t do anything stupid! Maybe the plan makes you bored because you want to get to run those 30 minutes immediately, or you’re ashamed that everyone passes you by and you want to keep up with them. Do not do it. The body needs a period of adaptation and the best way to progress is not to injure oneself.
Here we go with the plan. It is just a guide, not a bible, so feel free to modify it if you see that the starting point is not for you.

Week 1

  • Day 1: 1′ running (no matter the pace), 2′ walking. 5 times. Preferably Monday, which is when we all have better intentions.
  • Day 2: 1′ running, 2′ walking. 5 times. Same training. Let three days pass because the two days after day 1 will cause stiffness.
  • Day 3: 1′ running, 2′ walking. 6 times.

Week 2

  • Day 1: 1’30” running, 2′ walking. 5 times
  • Day 2: 2′ running, 2′ walking. 4 times
  • Day 3: 2′ running, 2′ walking. 5 times

Week 3

  • Day 1: 2’30” running, 2′ walking. 4 times. So far, the training has never lasted more than 20 minutes. Who can say they do not have that time to kill…
  • Day 2: 3′ running, 2′ walking. 5 times
  • Day 3: 3’30 running, 2′ walking. 4 times

Week 4

  • Day 1: 3’30 running, 2′ walking. 5 times
  • Day 2: 4′ running, 2′ walking. 5 times
  • Day 3: 4′ running, 1’30” walking. 5 times

Week 5

  • Day 1: 4′ running, 1′ walking. 4 times
  • Day 2: 4′ running, 1′ walking. 5 times
  • Day 3: 4′ running, 1′ walking. 6 times

Week 6

  • Day 1: 10′ running, 3′ walking. 2 times You will see that you are able to spend 10 minutes running continuously. If not, nothing happens, you’ll be there in a few weeks.
  • Day 2: 5′ running, 1′ walking. 4 times
  • Day 3: 5′ running, 1′ walking. 5 times.

Week 7

  • Day 1: 8′ running, 2′ walking. 3 times
  • Day 2: 8′ running, 1’30” walking. 3 times
  • Day 3: 8′ running, 1′ walking. 3 times

Week 8

  • Day 1: 10′ running, 2′ walking. 2 times
  • Day 2: 10′ running, 1’30” walking. 2 times
  • Day 3: 10′ running, 1′ walking. 2 times

Week 9

  • Day 1: 20′ running, 2′ walking, 10′ running
  • Day 2: 15′ running, 2′ walking, 15′ running
  • Day 3: 10′ running, 1′ walking, 3 times

Week 10

  • Day 1: 20′ running, 2′ walking, 15′ running
  • Day 2: 20′ running, 1′ walking, 10′ running
  • Day 3: 30 minutes running
The plan will be more or less suitable for all individuals, but it is a good guide to see what we have to do progressively, playing with the recovery time, the time we run every day and the total time we run.

Final recommendations

  • The rhythm has to be one that is comfortable for you. The best recommendation is that during the first days of any training plan for starting running, go as slow as possible and proceed by regulating from there. Do not finish the workouts exhausted because in addition to it meaning that you are giving everything and that your body is not ready for it, you can end up hurting yourself.
  • After running, stretch for 5 or 10 minutes. If you do not even know what they are, this article and video from an athletics forum can be a good start. If you do not feel like doing them after running (well, you may never want to …), do them during the rest of the day. But it is important that you do them.
  • If you have a health problem, it is best to get a medical checkup to see if you can really run, or a stress test. Not everyone can run. In that case, walking can be a good solution.
  • Do not get injured. Yes, I’ve said it before, but it’s the most important thing because then you’ll think that sports are bad. Take the appropriate measures: do the stretches, train slowly, let your body adapt and… choose your footwear well (and yes, Runnics can help you a lot with this 🙂 ).
  • Choose footwear that is right for you. A suitable footwear will help us to progress and above all to avoid injuries. At Runnics we have created Perfect Match™ to help any runner find the best running shoes for their characteristics. It is free, and takes you only 1 min to to find which running shoes are the best for you. Try it!
mizuno para correr new balance para correr nike para correr adidas para correr
By the way, if you still do not have running shoes, we recommend that you take a look at the article we have developed with a set of proposals for footwear to start running, those shoes that prioritize value for money, which are versatile in as to the user profile and that right now they have a very high level and are almost as good as their “older” sisters. Many of them can be obtained below € 100 and they do not stop being known because, as you can see in the article, there are names like the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34, Asics Gel Zaraca 4Adidas Questar Boost, … Asics Gel Fuji Trabuco 5 if you’re thinking about trail running. The shoes will no longer be a barrier for you to start running   What is next? Once the 10 weeks are over, you can continue with this plan to run an hour without stopping: 10-kilometer training planReady for the next running challenge?

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